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'''Charley Patton''' (died April 28, 1934), also known as '''Charlie Patton''', was an American Delta blues musician. He is considered by many to be the "Father of the Delta Blues" and is credited with creating an enduring body of American music and personally inspiring just about every Delta blues man (Palmer, 1995). Musicologist Robert Palmer (author/producer)|Robert Palmer considered him one of the most important American musicians of the twentieth century. Many sources, including musical releases and his gravestone, spell his name "Charley", even though the musician himself spelled his name "Charlie"."Patton himself, who could neither read nor write, spelled his first name orally as 'Charlie.'" Wardlow, G., and Komara, E. M. (1998), ''Chasin' That Devil Music: Searching for the Blues''. San Francisco, Calif: Miller Freeman Books. ISBN 0-87930-552-5, p. 97.
Birth name| birth_date = Unknown
Birth placeHinds County, Mississippi, U.S.
Death dateApril 28, 1934
Death placeSunflower County, Mississippi, U.S.
InstrumentGuitar, slide guitar
GenreDelta blues
Country blues
Gospel blues
Years active1916–1934
LabelParamount Records|Paramount
Associated actsSon House
Willie Brown (musician)|Willie Brown
The Mississippi Sheiks
Henry "Son" Sims
AliasThe Masked Marvel
Elder J. J. Hadley}}
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